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A Mexican Fiesta Bridal Shower

Updated: Jul 20, 2023



Design and Decor by Lux Affairs

In a world of traditions, LUX dared to defy the ordinary with a Mexican-themed bridal shower that broke all the rules. Our dynamic team's precision, creativity, and unwavering commitment came together to craft a celebration like no other. The bride, an adventurer at heart, insisted on something different, so we set out to give her the ultimate fiesta.

Enter Clover Sixty Seven in Cloverdale, BC - the canvas for our vision. A vibrant taco bar, tequila flowing, and spicy margaritas welcomed the bridal team, whisked to the venue in a limo ride surprise. The bride's favourite elements from Mexico City adorned every corner.

To add a touch of authenticity, we sourced beautiful cacti from West Coast Garden, bringing a piece of the desert landscape to the celebration. These cacti not only added natural charm but also symbolized the endurance of love, just like the bride's unwavering spirit.

Embracing individuality, we captured the essence of her spirit, proving that sometimes, "It's Not My Bridal Shower" leads to the perfect, perfect, perfect celebration. With love, laughter, and a dash of flair, LUX created memories that will forever dance in their hearts.

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Event Management & Design and Decor: LUX Affairs Production Firm

Photographer: Diamonds Edge Photography

Stationary/ Signage: Zabar Studio

Focal Plants: West Coast Garden

Videographer: Media For Good

Cupcake: Just Cakes Bakeshop

Dining: Blank Cavas Catering

Stylist: Amneet The Curator

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